Paris Highlights: Intro to the City of Light

History |  Culture |  Discovery

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As countless travelers have said, Paris is best discovered on foot. Walking through the city allows one to soak up it’s beauty, rich history and endless charm. Our Introduction to Paris walk will take us past famous landmarks and hidden courtyards known only to locals. We’ll discuss the dramatic history behind monuments and savor the subtle beauty of the scenery. Along the route, you’ll see the glorious cathedral, Notre Dame de Paris, the historic streets of the Latin Quarter, beautiful bridges with stunning views, the grandeur of the Louvre architecture and the tranquility of Parisian gardens.

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– 195 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2.5-hour visit

Catacombs: A Macabre Labyrinth

Macabre |  History | Underground

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A mere twenty meters underground, a dark underworld containing the remains of six million Parisians reminds us the “City of Lights” isn’t always so bright. Delve into the world’s largest necropolis in this rarely-seen aspect of French history, made world-famous for it’s macabre galleries of Parisian bones. Listen to the haunting tales of life in the 18th century Paris and of lives cut short by plagues, wars and the sharp edge of the guillotine.

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– Skip-the-line entry
– 250 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2-hour visit


Munching Through the Marais

Gourmet |  History | Secret Passages


A former marshland, this fashionable district of Paris gives us a glimpse into two worlds.  Paris of the old world, with its Royal pomp and circumstance, and Paris of the modern world, with its chic boutiques and trendy cafes.  The Marais has been home to the Jewish community, royal elites, and working class revolutionaries over the last four centuries.  We dive into the quartier to explore all the nooks and crannies that centuries of indulgence and hardship have left behind. We’ll explore private mansions and hidden streets, taste delicious artisanal pastries and regional delights, and savor the sights and sounds of one of Paris’ most charming neighborhoods.

Details at a Glance
 Private guided tour
– 3 gourmet tastings
– 220 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2-hour visit