An Unexpected Pairing: French Beer and Cheese

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beer montmartre goat cheese

You may be used to pairing French cheese with wine, but what about with French beer? Start out your tour by working up an appetite as you explore the secrets of the former village of Montmartre, with artist’s cafés, cabarets, and even a hidden vineyard. Then enjoy five beer-and-cheese pairings with one of Paris’ foremost beer experts.

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– Private beer and cheese tasting
– 270 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2.5-hour visit

Best Bites of Paris

Gourmet | Flavorful | Pairing

cheese saucisson cream puffs

Discover French terroir with this food tour perfect for gourmets. Explore the famed Enfants Rouges Market with your guide before embarking on five tastings in the trendy North Marais district: sample pastry, charcuterie, and more, finishing with an exclusive wine-and-cheese pairing.

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– Five gourmet tastings
– 280 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2.5-hour visit


Munching Through the Marais

Gourmet |  History | Secret Passages


A former marshland, this fashionable district of Paris gives us a glimpse into two worlds.  Paris of the old world, with its Royal pomp and circumstance, and Paris of the modern world, with its chic boutiques and trendy cafes.  The Marais has been home to the Jewish community, royal elites, and working class revolutionaries over the last four centuries.  We dive into the quartier to explore all the nooks and crannies that centuries of indulgence and hardship have left behind. We’ll explore private mansions and hidden streets, taste delicious artisanal pastries and regional delights, and savor the sights and sounds of one of Paris’ most charming neighborhoods.

Details at a Glance
 Private guided tour
– 3 gourmet tastings
– 220 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2-hour visit

Sweet Tooth in Saint Germain

​Tastings  |  History  |  Artisanal


If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this is the tour for you. The Saint-Germain neighborhood of Paris was once home to some of the most renowned literary minds of the city, from Ernest Hemingway to Jean-Paul Sartre. Today, a leisurely meander through this historic neighborhood allows you to discover some of the best chocolates, éclairs, and macarons that the city has to offer.

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– 220 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2.5-hour visit