Notre Dame: The Heart of the City

​History |  Architecture  |  Charm

 notre dame notre dame

The center of Paris, even France, can be found on a tiny island. The heart of Paris for over one thousand years, explore the island that has been home to royalty, revolutionaries and leering gargoyles. We’ll stroll the picturesque streets of the Cité island and discover it’s most famous structure: Notre Dame. With it’s fascinating history and survival through revolutions and wars, Notre Dame is a jewel in the crown of the island. It’s imposing bell towers and razor sharp spires inspire awe as we explore the world-famous Gothic cathedral, inside and out. Leaving Notre Dame behind, we will continue our walk to the lesser known of the two islands and stroll through the charming Ile Saint Louis in search of the world’s most delicious ice cream!

Details at a Glance
– Private guided tour
– 195 € total (based on two people)
– Approximately 2-hour visit